Medical Conditions & Neurological disorders
We will work with you to develop safe, comfortable, effective training programs for Medical, Orthopedic Conditions and Neurological Disorders such as Arthritis, Tendinitis, Bursitis, Radiculopathies, Sports Injury & Prevention, Post Injury Recovery, Prehab and Presurgical Conditioning, Surgical Post/Rehab Conditioning, Hip/Knee Replacements Recovery, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke, Brain Injuries and Neuropraxias.

By acknowledging your abilities and limitations, we can discover new and supportive ways of movement, taking into account how you were compensating for your conditions prior to treatment.

Our focus is on alignment, strengthening the core, improving proprioceptive awareness, joint mobility, strength, flexibility, and coordination. We will suggest necessary modifications to best fit your needs, making the program challenging yet safe.

Note: Pilates is a holistic technique that can be combined with Physical Therapy, but Pilates itself is not Physical Therapy. We advise you to refer to your physician if you need medical advice, to diagnose a condition, or prescribe a rehabilitation program.
Fitness & Athletic performance
We assess subjective history, performance, efficiency, body mechanics, and range of motion to identify physical and neurological strengths and limitations. Our approach of combining Pilates fundamentals with neuroplasticity concepts (brain's ability to rewire itself) will help improve micro-imbalances and enhance the body's ability to perform at its highest potential.
Pre/Post-Natal Pilates & (Coaching coming soon)
We help prepare your body to manage the stresses of pregnancy and childbirth by building a strong foundation in the first stages of pregnancy. We focus on exercising and mastering the principles of breathing, proper alignment, core activation, and movement mechanics. Building a foundation will help increase and enhance strengthening, improve posture, alleviate back and pelvic pain, improve bladder control, enhance body awareness, and increase energy during pregnancy including the labor and delivery process.

We are trained to work with diastasis recti and pelvic floor issues post pregnancy if those issues arise but will require medical clearance prior to participation for your safety.


First Time Consultation & Evaluation
Assessing your condition, determining the timeline and the course of action to improve your condition and achieve your goal. Careful evaluation of your physical and neurological capabilities to design your custom-tailored program is the cornerstone of what we do. We assess your postural imbalances, gait, performance, efficiency, body mechanics, strengths and weaknesses.

We use this information and data to develop a program based on your specific needs. This process may focus on fitness, technique, skills, performance or for a specific medical condition or disorder.
A session is a full- body workout with emphasis on core strength, flexibility, joint cuff activation and mobilization. Composed of a combination of equipment, mat and props work for the appropriate level of each client. It is 50-minute long and you need to wear comfortable athletic clothing and grip socks.
Private Session
One-on-one training that provides you with the most hands-on, personalized experience. All props and apparatuses are available to facilitate a fluid experience. Sessions are uniquely programmed with modifications, progressions, staying true to the Pilates fundamentals.
Semi-Private Sessions
Duo Sessions allow you to work with another individual. Your sessions will address your specific fitness and wellness goals through hands-on workouts designed just for you and your partner. All props and apparatus are available.
Group and Seasonal Programming
Programs that target a specific population, goal, condition, age group or social setting (ski season pre-training, summer fitness, injury prevention or postural and restorative program). Timeline duration 6 to 8 weeks. A perfect choice for a goal oriented specific conditioning. (Requests are welcomed)
Pilates apparatuses use a unique mix of resistance springs, pulleys and your own body weight to modify resistance for your training and make it pliable for everyone. At our studio we use Balance Body equipment Cadillac/Reformer/Konnector /Exo Chair /Springboard/TRX/Spine Corrector/Props and each of them come with its own repertoire of exercises.


Educational Workshops
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Corporate Workshops
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Fitness programs
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